SunTour Superbe Pro BA-SB00-S Brake / BRS / 1990


SunTour Superbe Pro BA-SB00-S Brake.
Internal coil springs are sealed into the pre-lubricated caliper pivot assembly.
There were two Version, for Brake Lever with return spring and earlier Lever without return spring.
Brakes Lever with return spring are the BRS Version. The BRS Brake use a less stronger spring.

BRS Version

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brand:   Suntour
group:   Superbe Pro BA-SB00-S
reach:   49-39 mm short
weight:  363g
date:      GL > 1990
specs:   Internal Spring; Single Pivot; Original Brake Pad Holder and Pads; BRS Version

very good; low mileage
working well

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