Campagnolo B010-SM Croce D’Aune Rear Derailleur / 244g


Campagnolo B010-SM Croce D’Aune Rear Derailleur with innovative Twin-Axle-Sxstem.

“TWIN-AXLE System” of the CROCE D’AUNE derailleur is a new break-through in derailleur technology and is destined to set new standards for competition derailleurs. In races like the Giro d’ltalia and Tour de France where steep mountain roads torture both man and machine it is extremely important for the derailleur to perform flawlessly because one missed shift or slipped chain can be the difference between winning and loosing.” (1988 Campagnolo catalog)

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brand:   Campagnolo
model:  Croce D’Aune B010-SM
cage:      short
speed:   7/8
weight: 244 g
year:     1988 – early 1990s
specs:   C-Record Jockey Wheels, TWIN-AXLE System;

good with some marks
working good
Incl. Cable Adjuster

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